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We aim at using precise processes with standardized quality, transparency, and effective communication to deliver innovative and value-adding consumer finance products that satisfy the ever-evolving needs of customers.

Customer satisfaction

We consistently develop processes and products that add value to our customers.

Quality Service

We have QUALITY in all our processes, products, teams and service delivery.


We are very transparency in all we do, especially with our customers.

Our Product and Services

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We don’t compromise with quality as it is one of our major competitive advantages.

Business Loan

Highly recommended for SME businesses at low interest rate.

Salary Advance Loan

Un-collateralized loan designed and tailored for salary earners.

Personal Loan

A convenient loan with customized flexibility.

Self Employed Loan

Recommended for traders in the micro-business markets.

Asset Acquisition...

Get loan for your dreamed asset via our reliable asset partners.

Investment & Services

Try out our well designed structure with good Returns.

Our goal is to reduce poverty and support micro businesses

Improving the socio-economic standard of life of our immediate communities is one of our commitments.