SouthWalk Capital is a lending and investment company registered in Nigeria in 2014 due to the realization of the funding gap in Nigeria’s economy.

SouthWalk Capital offers suitable financial solutions to meet customer’s financial needs e.g cash flow, short-term funds, and business expansion amongst others and we also offer a good return on investment.

We specialize in consumer financing which has benefited millions of customers and investors. We are customer-oriented and always ready to help in whatever area within our scope. We are digitally positioned to serve our customers better.




To lead in the provision of consumer finance in Africa.



To consistently engage with customers, using precise processes with standardized quality, transparency, and effective communication to deliver innovative and value-adding consumer finance products that satisfy the ever-evolving needs of customers.




Customer satisfaction
We recognize that without our customers there won’t be us hence we consistently develop processes and products that add value to our diverse customer base We have a feedback process that constantly engages with customers learns more of their needs in other to promptly meet them this is a key driver of our business innovation process
Customer engagement
We hold quarterly engagement meetings with both our existing and potential customers to ascertain their level of satisfaction understand their new challenges how they want to be served and proffer products that deliver solutions
Quality Service
We have QUALITY in all our processes products teams and service delivery We don’t compromise with quality as it is one of our major competitive advantages
Because we know that non-transparency can bridge trust we are as transparent as possible in all we do especially with our customers