At SouthWalk Capital, we meet your various business needs with our solutions tailored to help grow your SME business, we also give you the opportunity to expand your business and generate more revenue.


Need for a Business Loan:

  1. Asset acquisition and business expansion.
  2. Quick cash flow for your business needs before your clients pays.
  3. To support your whole value chain of suppliers and buyers with short-term loans for SMEs that are key and sub-distributors.
  4. Long-term finance to finance the expansion of a business (Property/Lands etc).
  5. Manage fluctuations in your cash flow and respond to emergencies.
  6. Provides funding for SME customers to meet their cash flow needs and bridge shortfall of working capital
  7. Working capital to help meet your short-term business needs.
  8. Financing for SMEs for the restocking of goods from specific suppliers.



  1. No collateral required
  2. Affordable interest rate
  3. Maximum tenor of 12 months
  4. Maximum loan amount of N10M*
  5. Equity Contribution (Optional)
  6. Open to registered businesses



  1. Must be 25-60 years
  2. Must possess a valid means of identification
  3. Resident permit for foreigners


Basic Requirements

  1. Your six (6) months bank statement.
  2. Utility bills (Rent, other utilities)
  3. Valid means of Identification.
  4. Two (2) Eligible guarantors with their Means of Identification, Passports & Cheque Leaflet (Post Dated).
  5. Your guarantor`s 6 months past payslip and(or) Account Statement
  6. Other documents as necessity demands may be requested based on what we are financing